Sun 003-0739-01 T10000 917m 500/1000GB Tape Cartridge

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  • 003-0739-01

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  • Sun Microsystems

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Sun 003-0739-01 T10000 917m 500/1000GB Tape Cartridge

Sun's 003-0739-01 is a T10000 format tape cartridge. It has a tape length of 917 meters which enables a native storage capacity of 500GB which can be expanded up to 1000GB when compressed. The Sun 003-0739-01 tape cartridge uses Polyethylene Naphthalate (PEN) as substrate and can be used for up to 15,000 loads and unloads.

Sun 003-0739-01 T10000 917m 500/1000GB Tape Cartridge


Product Description

Sun Tape, 1/2, T10000 (T10K) Titanium Hor


Polyethylene naphthalate (PEN)


120 GB(500 GB standard cartridge)




6.5 microns


Advanced metal particle

Track-recording Servo

Factory pre-recorded

Tape Speed

Read and write: 79 in./sec to 195.5 in/sec (2.0 to 4.95 m/sec) Search and rewind: 375.25 in./sec (9.5 m/sec)

Archival life

30 years

Uncorrected bit error rate




Number of tracks


Supported tape drives


Form Factor

Half-inch, 3480/3490E

Cartridge Dimensions (WxHxD)

2.54x12.50x10.90 cm


263.9 g

Drop strength

1 m
Environmental Parameters


Non-hazardous to human health in anticipated use


Self-extinguishing per UL94

Operating Conditions

15°C to 45°C, 20% RH to 80% RH;

26°C wet bulb max with no condensation

Storage Conditions (4 weeks maximum)

10°C to 32°C, 5% RH to 80% RH;

26°C wet bulb max with no condensation

Shipping Conditions of Tape

-23°C to 49°C, 5% RH to 80% RH;

26°C wet bulb max with no condensation

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