IBM 95P4436 LTO 4 Tape Cartridge

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IBM 95P4436 LTO 4 Tape Cartridge

IBM 95P4436 is 4th generation of LTO Ultrium technology with very high capacity, reliability and durability. IBM 95P4436 LTO 4 offers impressive 800-1600 GB data storage ability with 120-240 MB/Sec data transfer speed. IBM 95P4436 LTO4 included WORM function which protects written data from unauthorized modification. IBM LTO-4 improved with memory chip LTO-CM with upgrading 8KB capacity, and particularly designed for fast transfer of Cartridge storage data with IBM Tape drive. IBM LTO4 tape improved with coating and enhanced tape quality with 896 data tracks and 820M tape length. IBM LTO-4 tape also assures customer with new added security features Hardware based 256 Bit AES encryption which protects storage data from illegal access. 95P4436 is well designed to protect data with improved integrity. IBM 95P4436 LTO4 tape is compatible with LTO4 Ultrium Tape drive and also able to backward compatibility with earlier LTO versions. IBM 95P4436 LTO 4 is able with 30 years archival life with outstanding data protection ability.

IBM 95P4436, is the fourth generation of LTO technology based data storage tape which offers a number of reward to the data mangers making it the most reliable and an ideal data storage tape. IBM 95P4436, Ultrium storage tape is most durable and cost effected tape and offering best performance with improved basic feature and some new additions to its LTO technology. These tapes even do not affect the reliability of the storage backup and repossession process; the data manager with assurance can send IBM LTO4, tape other remote offices or other sites once the recorded data has newly added encrypted formation.

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IBM 95P4436 LTO 4 Tape Cartridge



IBM LTO Ultrium IV 800GB/1.6TB Data Cartridge


Polyethylene Naphthalate (PEN)


800 GB (1.6 TB with 2:1 compression)


820 m

Substrate thickness

0.00020 in (5.0 microns)

Total tape thickness

0.00026 in (6.6 microns)

Media Type

Metal Particle (MP)

Magnetic coercivity

215,700 A/m or 2710 Oe

Recording Standard

Linear serpentine recording half-inch cartridge
Environmental Parameters

Cartridge disposal

Classified as nonhazardous waste per EPA regulation 40CFR261; can be disposed of as normal office trash.

Operating Conditions

10°C to 40 °C, 20-80% RH;

26°C wet bulb maximum

Storage Conditions

16°C to 32 °C, 20- 80% RH;

26°C wet bulb maximum

Shipping conditions

-23°C to 49°C, 20- 80% RH;

26°C wet bulb maximum

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