Imation 3490E Royal Guard Tape Cartridge L&I

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Imation 3490E Royal Guard Tape Cartridge L&I

Imation's 45853 Royal Guard is a 3490E Enterprise Tapes format tape cartridge. It has a tape length of 335 meters which enables a data storage capacity of 810MB. It features Imations patented FlashGard-Weld that creates a wall within the cartridge wall to trap weld flash, keeping it separated from the tape pack. The Imation 45853 Royal Guard tape cartridge is provided with a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty

Imation 3490E Royal Guard Tape Cartridge L&I


Product Description

Imation 3490e Rg Tape Cartridge


PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)


Substrate 0.52 mils nominal (13.2 microns)
Magnetic coating 0.10 mils nominal (2.5 microns)
Nonmagnetic backcoating 0.04 mils nominal (1.0 microns)
Total 0.66 mils nominal (16.8 microns)

Substrate 0.44 mils nominal (11.6 microns)
Total 0.53 mils nominal (28 microns)


Long Length 2,000+ read-forward passes
Short Length 120,000+ read-forward passes

Environmental Parameters

Operating Conditions

15°C to 32°C,20% RH to 80% RH;

26°C wet bulb maximum

Storage Conditions of recorded tape (4 weeks maximum)

4°C to 32°C,5% RH to 80% RH;

27°C wet bulb maximum

Transportation Conditions of Unrecorded Tape (10 days maximum)

-23°C to 49°C,5% RH to 80% RH;

27°C wet bulb maximum with no condensation

Transportation Conditions of Recorded Tape (10 days maximum)

4°C to 38°C,5% RH to 80% RH;

26°C wet bulb maximum with no condensation

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