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AIT-1 Tapes

Part No: Q1997A Price: £41.00

AIT-1 Tapes

Part No: SDX1-25C Price: £33.50

AIT-2 Tapes

Part No: SDX2-50C Price: £33.00

AIT-3 Tapes

Part No: SDX3-100C Price: £31.00

DLT-4 Tapes

Part No: C5141F Price: £15.00

LTO-1 Tapes

Part No: 26200010 Price: £12.90
  • DDS-2 Tapes

    Part No : 200110 Price: £6.00
  • DDS-3 Tapes

    Part No : C5708A Price: £4.35
  • DDS-3 Tapes

    Part No : 200025 Price: £5.70
  • DDS-4 Tapes

    Part No : C5718A Price: £5.22
  • DDS-4 Tapes

    Part No : 200028 Price: £5.50
  • DDS-4 Tapes

    Part No : DGD150P Price: £5.75
  • DDS-5/DAT 72 Tapes

    Part No : 26046172 Price: £8.00
  • DDS-5/DAT 72 Tapes

    Part No : C8010A Price: £6.20
  • DDS-5/DAT 72 Tapes

    Part No : 200200 Price: £8.20

Welcome to Digitaldevices Ltd.

Digitaldevices Ltd is one of top retailers of a variety of storage and backup devices, Cisco Routers, IBM and HP servers, magnetic tapes, and optical disks. Digitaldevices offering a groundbreaking online shopping understanding, and provides the extensive variety of storage and backup products at the most reasonable prices. Digitaldevices holds thousands of storage products and the stock that frequently filled with newest products. We constantly focus on moving our customers to the exclusive and trustworthy online shopping understanding from their own seat. We have thousands of superior, reliable and reasonable storage and backup products that offers according the requirements of your business.
Data storage magnetic tapes can be responsible against likely computer problems or they can be use to relocate imperative and priceless data. Digitaldevices limited offers a mixture of storage formats for protected uses and magnitude. The AIT1, AIT2, AIT3, AIT4, AIT5 tape chief function is to amass information or supervise the backups and made to include convinced requirements. We are also offering complete range of DLT tape and SDLT tape with innovative quality, a variety of brands, at very reasonable prices. Constantly offers promotions around the year according to the time with large discounts, free delivery, and many other services that are suitable for the consumers.
We provide grantees on every Hard Drives, Fargo that are acquiring directly from the different prominent manufacturer. Anything you want internal or external data storage devices, DDS Tape, optical disk, LTO, LTO2, LTO3, LTO4 Tapes,or any other storage format we paying complete attention to provide these high tech solutions without wasting your priceless time. We associated with most important manufacturers of storage devices like TDK, IBM, Sony, Tandberg, Maxell, HP, Imation, Dell, Quantum, and Fujifilm and directly purchasing from these well-known and prominent companies. We are also dealing with some exclusive and former storage magnetic tapes like 4mm tape,DTF tape media,VXA Tapes, and many other format that are very unusual to discover. Digitaldevices limited are offers dependable services and solutions according to your requirements and business dimension. We offer our most reliable and exclusive services to our customers and available online 24x7 all over the year.